Dragon Age II Preview

There's a new preview of Dragon Age II up on G4 this weekend, should you be looking to digest a little more information about BioWare's next RPG. A two-paragraph snippet:
The most impressive effect we saw during the battle was a rain of fire that plummeted from the sky down onto our flaming opponents. Playing as a Rogue proved to be a faster, more strategic experience than our last encounter with the game in which we played a sword-wielding knight. In this go-around, we dodged and slashed our way through the encounter with a pair of duel blades, peppering in a series of ranged attacks and commanding our team to engage with their crossbows, magic and broadswords.

While the game does, indeed, look a bit more stylized than its predecessor, it still feels very much like the world of Dragon Age. The conversations play out the same way, although your character proves substantially more talkative than your last adventure. Blood still spatters on those in your company and the world is still every bit as dark and grim as you'd remember.