Fallout: New Vegas Interview

The folks at Delta Attack are offering up a short interview with Obsidian Entertainment's Jason Fader, during which the Fallout: New Vegas technical producer answers some questions about his development experience, his daily responsibilities, his contributions to the Mojave wasteland, and more.
What was your favorite aspect of working on Fallout: New Vegas?

I had an insane amount of fun doing the temp VO for about 20 characters. None of it made it into the actual game, but it was in our internal builds for a long while to the point where coworkers would ask me to perform certain voices for them.

Oh, another really cool thing about working on a Fallout game is. working on a Fallout game! I've played all of the Fallouts and loved them all. To be part of a game in the series is an honor.

What game projects have you worked on besides New Vegas?

I started out in the game industry as QA at Blizzard working on Diablo 2. After a few months, I started programming tools for projects like Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft. I eventually left Blizzard to form my own company, Iocaine Studios, where I was the lead designer on ThreadSpace: Hyperbol. After that I came to Obsidian and worked on the Aliens RPG. After that, I started working on New Vegas.