The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Interview

There's a brief interview with Tomasz Gop and another unnamed CD Projekt RED team member on, during which the two men tackle a handful of questions about The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. The Q&A also moves into Good Old Games territory, so I'll quote from that:
So obviously it hasn't got much to do with The Witcher II, but of course CD Projekt is also the team behind Good Old Games. I understand it's a separate team working on that site, but is CD Projekt a happy place to work at right now or are things a bit tense given all the controversy of last week surrounding the shutdown publicity stunt and everything else that happened?

TG: Hmm (pauses)

It must have been a shock...

TG: It's a tricky question because actually it was a shock for me, seriously. I didn't know anything until the very last moment I was seriously speculating whether or not Steam is going to buy them because I didn't know. I mean, we are separate companies in a way. We live in the same building and we work in the same building but...

MZ: Their secrets are not our secrets.

TG: Yeah. How it worked out... I don't know, maybe strategically I would think of doing it differently, but from what I've heard from comments in the community some people hated it but some other guys said, "OK, I didn't know GOG up until this time. Now I know, so they've got my awareness".

MZ: Exactly.

Any publicity is good publicity?

TG: No, no, no. They probably would not do it exactly the same way if they could do it again, but I just think... I don't know. I'm not part of GOG so I don't want to speak on their behalf. I just think, you know, maybe they will do it a different way next time.