File: Jade Empire "Making Of" DVD Preview

Description: The Limited Edition version of Jade Empire comes with exclusive bonus game content, such as the new completely playable character Monk Zeng, the devastating new fighting style Spade Staff, and "The Making of Jade Empire" video documentary. Check out a 60 second preview video clip of the DVD at the above link.

File: Jade Empire Summer 2004 Videos (Two)

Description: Jade Producer Jim Bishop takes us through two exciting new videos of actual gameplay footage. Revealed for the first time in these videos are new creatures, adventure areas, and even a new player character. Several new fighting styles are also demonstrated. Watch as Wu the Lotus Blossom wields a pair of juicy hams as improvised weapons! The Horse Demon transformation style is also very cool, so keep an eye out for that.

File: Jade Empire E3 2004 Trailer

Description: Watch the E3 2004 trailer of Jade evocative introduction to the awesome graphics, compelling story line, and arresting characters of this much anticipated game. Crank the volume and the subwoofer!

File: Jade Empire Official Premiere Trailer

Description: See the official premiere of the Jade Empire... a stunning introduction to the beautiful vistas, enticing action and the ultimate evil known as Death's Hand. Enjoy the show!