The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Equipment Database: Search Results
Darko's Hat
Category: Accessory (Hat) Min Level: 14
Req Class: Hunter Value: 5000

Dexterity: +[10-15]
Magic Item Find Chance: +[20-30]%
Great Resistance from Rain   (requires 50 kills)
Poisoned Shot: 1 Bonus Level   (requires 300 kills)
Scatter Shot: 1 Bonus Level   (requires 8000 damage done)
Essence Capacity: +[15-25]

A well made, fashionable hat. Supposedly contains the ancestral souls of the Palarier family, several of whom used to be excellent hatmakers.

How Obtained:
• Rookery - Rewarded by Darko Palarier at end of quest Clean Water