The Witcher 2 Equipment Database: Item Details
Tawny Owl
Category: Potion
Duration: 10
Toxicity: 25
Installation: Base Installation
Vigor regeneration during combat +20%
Vigor regeneration +20%
Accelerates Vigor regeneration.
Basic Substances Required: Vitriol, Vermilion, Quebrith, Fulgur

Tawny Owl speeds up the regeneration of Vigor. After consuming it, the witcher can parry monsters' blows and cast Signs more often.

The potion is weaker than Lapwing, but generates no side effects. It can also be used to alleviate the side effects of Gadwall.

Potion moderately increases Toxicity when imbibed.

The potion is recommended for witchers who specialize in casting Signs and those who fight monsters that employ strong attacks which must be parried. Its low toxicity and virtual lack of side effects make it ideal for combining with other potions.
• Various Locations - Crafted with the appropriate formula and components