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Adahn's Dagger
Category: Weapon (Dagger) Value: 500
Lore Req to ID: 0 Weight: 0

Damage: 2-5
THAC0: +1
Enchanted: +1
Damage Type: Piercing
Speed Factor: 1
Proficiency: Edged

Requires: Non-Priest Class

How Obtained:
  • The Hive Southeast (Smoldering Corpse Bar) - Given by Adahn

This is a gift you received from Adahn when you bid him farewell in the Smoldering Corpse Bar. It's a featureless metal dagger with a gold plated hilt. It is difficult to get a feel for its balance, as it is almost weightless. The dagger blade itself is made of some strange metal that shifts as you watch it, changing from silver, to bronze, to gold.