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Heaven and Earth
Category: Weapon (Mace) Value: 25000
Lore Req to ID: 0 Weight: 10

Damage: 2-20
THAC0: +3
Enchanted: +3
Damage Type: Crushing
Speed Factor: 2
Proficiency: Clubs

Requires: Fighter Class, TNO

Alignment: Good Only

  • Crushing Damage: +3
  • Strength: +2

How Obtained:
  • Clerk's Ward (UnderSigil) - Random loot from Greater Glabrezu after you've returned from Carceri

A fearsome aura of power emanates from this massive weapon. Sharp, powerful lines adorn the shaft of this mace, which streak directly to a perfect sphere that serves as this weapon's contact point. Perfectly curved spikes emanate from the perfectly-shaped sphere, yielding an image that is at once both arresting, yet awe-inspiring. A vibrant, royal purple hue surrounds this weapon of power.

Upon holding the weapon it is instantly apparent that only those that are pure of heart can truly wield it.