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Thy Clef
Category: Armor (Shield) Value: 605

Deflection: +16
Accuracy: -8
Exceptional: +8 Shield Deflection
Safeguarding: +10% of incoming Crits are converted to Hits

How Obtained:
  • Elm's Reach (Hall of Warriors) - Carried by Simoc

This impressively large shield boasts a relief of Dev Clef. An important Glanfathan landmark, Dev Clef was the site of a brutal battle between the Glanfathans and Dyrwoodans during the tumultuous period before the Ten Years' Treaties were signed. The crags and caves along the cliffs provided the Glanfathans with plentiful cover from which to stage their attacks against Dyrwoodan forces, allowing them to duck out of sight the moment a threat emerged. Given this natural advantage, the Glanfathans succeeded in driving the Dyrwoodans from the region.