Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
The Pilgrim's Lasting Vigil
Category: Armor (Head) Value: 410

Resolve: +1
Perception: +1

How Obtained:
  • Temple of Eothas (Level 2) - Found on statue

The end of the Saint's War and the detonation of the Godhammer Bomb is still mourned by followers of Eothas around the world. While the conflict diminished Eothas' following in the Dyrwood, many remain faithful to the god of dawn and redemption, confident that he will one day rise again. Many followers make annual pilgrimages to shrines and temples of Eothas (or to what remains of them) on the anniversary of Saint Waidwen's death. The particulars of these vigils vary. In Readceras, they are often marked by song and by the recitation of Saint Waidwen's sermons. In the Dyrwood, where worshippers of Eothas are often persecuted, such ceremonies may involve standing in respectful silence until sunrise. It is customary for worshippers to wear armor or other articles that commemorate Eothas or his leadership through Waidwen.

This helmet bears the sunburst emblem of the Readceran army. It was likely first worn by a soldier serving in the Saint's War.