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Sura's Supper Plate
Category: Armor (Shield) Value: 305

Deflection: +8
Fine: +4 Shield Deflection
Retaliation: Retaliate when hit by a melee attack

How Obtained:
  • Cliaban Rilag (Level 1) - Found in armor rack

Stolen from the table of ogre matron Sura by Ferron Dulca after he infiltrated her compound to assassinate her, Sura's Supper Plate became the assassin's running joke. In the moment of his triumph, Ferron pulled the iron plate from under the matron s lifeless head and held it up like a shield. Thinking himself quite clever, he took the plate and several of Sura's eating utensils to a local blacksmith and had a shield fashioned from them.

The sharp blades protruding from the front of the shield proved an excellent deterrent against foes at close range, and Ferron took to wielding it regularly -- until he lost his shield, his arm, and his life to Sura's daughter.