Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Spellward Amulet
Category: Armor (Neck) Value: 110

Special: +10 Defense against spells

How Obtained:
  • Heritage Hill - Found in vault  • Sun in Shadow (Level 1) - Found on ashen effigy
  • Flames-That-Whisper Caverns (Armory) - Found in locked chest
  • Cragholdt - Worn by Concelhaut
  • The Halls of Presence - Found in locked chest  • The Halls of Presence - Carried by High Abbot Kaoto

Amulets are most often gems, medallions, or other items worn around the neck. While some serve a purely ornamental purpose, many are imbued with charms and spells to aid the wearer. Torcs are stiff rings worn around the neck. Like amulets, they often have magical properties.