Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Ring of Overseeing
Category: Armor (Finger) Value: 110

Overseeing: +10% Ability Area of Effect

How Obtained:
  • Sun in Shadow (Level 1) - Found on ashen effigy
  • Stalwart Village (Fishery) - Sold by the clerk
  • Durgan's Battery (The Foundry) - Found in locked chest
  • Cragholdt - Worn by Pelden
  • Iron Flail Fort - Found in hidden grave

Rings can feature plain bands or jewels in settings. Magical rings may bestow a variety of special properties or defenses on the wearer. Their small size allows their enchantments to complement similar enchantments from other items and spells, and this versatility has made them popular among adventurers.