Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Lilith's Shawl
Category: Armor (Neck) Value: 810

Aura of Stealth: +1 Stealth for nearby allies
Perception: +3

How Obtained:
  • Ondra's Gift (Lighthouse, Top Level) - Found on table

This cloak feels so light that it's easy to forget you're wearing it. The unmistakable scent of the sea breeze, cool and salty, wafts from the fabric. Though moth-eaten and ragged around the edges, it keeps the chill at bay. Its faded colors seem to blend in with its surroundings.

You found this in the lighthouse of Ondra's Gift. The tower had been uninhabited for a century and a half, and its last occupant, the lighthouse keeper, supposedly died there when the Aedyrans invaded. It was rumored that her spirit haunted the tower still, watching for ships on the horizon.