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Journal of the High Abbot Source: WM2
Category: Document

How Obtained:
  • The Halls of Presence - Found in Abbot's Quarters

This volume appears to serve many functions. There are notes in it detailing schedules and routines at the abbey. There are favorite passages from Ondrite texts, annotated with personal insights. There are also descriptions of dreams. Many seem purely symbolic, but one entry is of interest:

"It had been long since I dreamt of my Rising. Yet now, with another Rising soon upon us, this is the fifth time in a week. Perhaps channeled here, I can put it to rest.

"I am walking through the Halls of Silence. I feel eyes on me from all sides. Angry, vengeful eyes.

"I arrange the panels and curl my hands into the Sign of the Tide, the right as the wave, the left tracing the crescent moon with my two outer fingers. The way opens to me.

"I climb the steps and Ondra's Witness is installed there, the old aspergillum, set to operate the valves. I use it like a lever, and the water rises. There are angry shouts, and when I cover my ears, they are louder still.

"But the water continues upward, far past where it should. I climb as high as I can, but I feel it, icy on my feet. Then it is over my head, and I cannot breathe.

Suddenly I am outside the reliquary, looking at the Veil of Tears. The Witness is in my hand, and the Veil parts for it. I step through, to the one place in the abbey I feel protected. Only when I pass inside, I come out in total darkness.

"I call for help. I'm shouting, screaming for help. There is no answer. I stop.

"I sit there in the dark, waiting for what seems like ages. Then I realize: I don't know who I am."