Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Jack of Wide Waters
Category: Light Armor (Chest) Value: 540

DR: 8 (Crush 10, Pierce 10, Burn 6, Corrode 6)
Recovery Speed: -20%
Exceptional: +4 Damage Reduction
Survival: +2

How Obtained:
  • Ondra's Gift (Lighthouse, Top Level) - Found in locked chest

Kakuma was a famed aumaua swashbuckler and the original wearer of this garment. She sailed from her homeland of Rauatai to the infamous Deadfire Archipelago. There, she escorted merchant and passenger ships through pirate-infested waters. Among her most frequent clients were the Naasitaqi dwarves, who ventured to the continents to the north on both personal and tribal sojourns.

Her fair dealings, bravery in combat, and skill at sea made Kakuma a loved and respected figure in the archipelago and among the Naasitaqi.