Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Hirbel's Protective Skin
Category: Medium Armor (Chest) Value: 540

DR: 9 (Slash 11, Freeze 11)
Recovery Speed: -35%
Fine: +2 Damage Reduction
Pierce-Proofed: +3 Damage Reduction (Pierce)
Safeguarding: +10% of incoming Crits converted to Hits

How Obtained:
  • Endless Paths of Od Nua (Level 6) - Found on corpse of Drafden

The young village of Gilded Vale was beset by a particularly territorial fire dragon in the early years of the Dyrwood's colonial period. It was believed that the beast was provoked by the construction of Raedric's Hold nearby. The first Lord Raedric cemented his popularity -- and that of his house -- when he gathered a dozen of his finest soldiers and slew the dragon himself.

Hirbel, the master armorsmith of House Raedric, forged this armor from the beast's scales, and Lord Raedric II famously wore it during the War of Defiance. Despite the armor's exceptional durability, the many scars and scratches testify to the use it saw during the war.

The tree engraved on the cuisses commemorates House Gathbin, which presided over the then-erldom of Yenwood. That Lord Raedric went to battle against the erl's forces when the erl remained loyal to Aedyr was a source of great irony.