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Giftbearer Notebook Source: WM1
Category: Document

How Obtained:
  • Durgan's Battery (Outside) - Found on Urthal's corpse

A recurring signature in the pages of this notebook indicate that it belonged to someone named Ixtli.

The pages contain an assortment of entries. Some notes list collection of items alongside their purported value. Other pages are scribbled with notes about the land.

A map of the Russetvood marks an important body of water. Next to it, there are several underlined notes. They read:

"Notoc Tlocotl, formalities first, of course, and she'll come up.7quot;

"Cualla Micha, she's a good girl and likes to hear it before she swims down."

"Xitlac Cualla, just make sure she likes the fish for a job well done."