Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Galvino's Resonance Amplifier Source: WM1
Category: Quest Item Value: 800

Speed: Average
Area of Effect: 10m Radius from Caster

How Obtained:
  • Galvino's Workshop - Given by Galvino during the quest The Recluse of the White March

Galvino created this strange device to detect souls that dwelled in Durgan's Battery during a previous life. It sends out a pulse of energy generated by memories from soul fragments Galvino collected in the device's adra shard. The individual's dormant lives resonate with the "echo". by momentarily pushing forward through their present life's sea of consciousness. The subjects are not aware of what is happening, but the disturbance can be perceived through special lenses or, luckily, the eyes of a Watcher.