Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Echoing Misery Source: WM1
Category: Armor (Feet) Value: 510

Spell Holding: Grants Ray of Pain when hit by a Critical Hit (1 per encounter)
Disengagement Bonus: +15 Defense when Disengaging

How Obtained:
  • Galvino's Workshop - Found in Broken Construct's cell

These boots were originally designed and made to punish runaway slaves. The lord who commissioned them would force attempted runaways to wear them for a week straight, waking and sleeping. The soles were studded with pebbles and shards that ground against the wearer's feet while the leather chafed sores into his heels. By the end of a week, most who wore the boots could barely walk.

Yet the slaves in this manor rose up and summoned the Effigy. Once the Effigy had completed his bloody work, the slaves discovered an unexpected boon -- the boots that had once been a punishment had been transformed into something comfortable and, likely, valuable.

The surviving slaves argued over the boots, and when words turned to blows, the daughter of the man who'd become the Effigy grabbed them and ran. She never looked back.