Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Black Sanctuary Source: WM1
Category: Armor (Shield) Value: 805

Deflection: +8
Minor Spellbind: Grants Withdraw (2 per rest)
Spell Holding: Grants Warding Seal when hit by a Critical Hit (2 per encounter)
Exceptional: +8 Shield Deflection

How Obtained:
  • Longwatch Falls (Cave) - Found in Alpine Dragon's hoard

Though its maker's mark can be traced to an otherwise unremarkable smithy in Dawning, this shield earned its fame within the keeping of Poldur Grynt, a young Aedyran lord whose fondness for dueling became the inspiration for many anti-Aedyr folksongs and plays in the time during and after the War of Defiance.

Grynt cultivated a reputation as a relentless and unbeatable foe, for whenever a duel seemed to be going poorly he would raise his black shield and resume the fight with renewed vigor. Grynt employed the shield to great effect for several years, until he finally found himself severely outmatched by a more experienced rival. Mistakenly believing that the shield could preserve him even at the precipice of death, Grynt fled the field, only to bleed out on the bank of the Isce Ien River.