Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Azureith's Stiletto
Category: Weapon (Stiletto) Value: 305

One-Handed Weapon
Speed: Fast
Interrupt: 0.35s
Damage: 8-12 Pierce vs. Deflection
DR Bypass: 3
Spell Striking: Grants Jolting Touch

How Obtained:
  • Gilded Vale (Black Hammer Smithery) - Sold by Tuatanu

The War of Black Trees brought hardship and suffering to many Glanfathans, but it bore special tragedy for its druidic orders, who were forced not only to endure the deaths of many friends and kin, but also the destruction of the lands they revered above all else. Among these was Azureith, a young Ovate.

Deeply troubled by the use of the elements to turn nature against the people of Eir Glanfath, and wondering if he was seeing the last days of his people, Azureith took to walking the endless stretches of burned down forests in search of something, anything, that might signal a reason to hope. He found it in an old ironwood tree, thick and gnarled with roots that ran in waves through the ground as though they'd been woven there. It stood as it always had, though singed well up the side of its trunk now, while everything around it had been incinerated by the soldiers of Dyrwood, leaving a wasteland a thousand acres in every direction.

Azureith plucked a single branch from the old tree (making sure to express his profound gratitude). An accomplished organic artificer, Azureith reshaped the branch into a blade that would rival any made in a forge. He infused it with the strength of the elements, vowing never again to be at their mercy, and resolving that if the tree could endure, so, too, could he.

In his hands, the blade would find its way into the hearts of many soldiers who stood at the edge of forests with torches and barrels of pitch, and by the war's end, he had saved many forests from the flame.

When his years were drawing to a close, Azureith made a final pilgrimage back to the old ironwood tree, which still stood, and he laid the knife at its base, to be taken up by someone else in need of inspiration in dark times. On his way there, he was pleased to see that beneath the ashes that covered the forest floor, new life had begun to spring.

Azureith's Stiletto is unusual as the entire weapon is dark red-brown wood, even the blade. The magic used in its creation hardened and protected the wood, preventing it from chipping or warping. Dark green vines and leaves sprout from it and wrap themselves around the hilt to form the grip.