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A Letter Home Source: WM2
Category: Document

How Obtained:
  • Iron Flail Fort - Found in crate

My love,

I have enclosed some coins from Stalwart, so you have proof that I arrived.

You were right. I am colder than I have ever been. All the moreso for being away from you.

The kith here are as cold as their land. They do not hate us as the Dyrwoodans do, but they are mistrustful and proud. The commander has sent for delegates to start negotiations. Perhaps, by the time this letter reaches you, we will have moved into Durgan's Battery.

Stalwart has no soldiers, only a handful of guards. Efrain says he went to look at the Battery with some scouts, and did not see anyone posted atop the tower. Without those cannons, they would be foolish to do anything but surrender. If not, we're sure to knock the fight out of them quickly.

The Commander says that once the Battery is ours, our presence here alone may be enough to make the invaders think twice. Who would face us with the might of the Battery at our backs?

I write too much of battle, but only to assure you that we are well.

I miss you.

The mountains are beautiful. I hold hope that you may see them for yourself, once it is safe for you to join us.