Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Abydon's Hammer Source: WM2
Category: Soulbound Weapon (War Hammer) Value: 6410

Two-Handed Weapon
Speed: Slow
Interrupt: 1s
Damage: 23-33 Crush vs. Deflection
Legendary: +15 Accuracy, +55% Damage
Might: +4

Binds With:
  • All Classes

Gains the Following Bonuses:
Bind the hammer  • Slaying (Eyeless): +10 Accuracy against Eyeless, +50% Damage against Eyeless
  • Spellstriking: Grants Destroy Eyeless on Critical Hit
  • Spellbind: Grants Ring of the Ancient Forge (1 per encounter)
  • Spellbind: Grants Abydon's Labor (1 per encounter)
Use the hammer to destroy the army of Eyeless at Cayron's Scar  • Mythic: +18 Accuracy, +65% Damage (replaces Legendary)
  • Abydon's Power: Grants Abydon's Power on Critical Hits
  • Echo of the Maker: Grants Echo of the Maker (Passive)
  • Bonuses against the Eyeless disappear

How Obtained:
  • Durgan's Battery - Received during the quest Lair of the Eyeless

Despite being topped by a mere fragment of Abydon's original hammer, this weapon, now sized for kith hands, is still an instrument of awesome destructive force. The faces of the great hammer's head still bear the toolmarks of their creator. Not even the fires of the White froge could erase Abydon's work.