Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
St. Wygelt's Cudgel Source: WM2
Category: Weapon (Club) Value: 405

One-Handed Weapon
Speed: Fast
Interrupt: 0.35s
Damage: 13-19 Crush vs. Deflection
Accuracy: +5
Persecuting: Inflicts Persecuting for 6s on hit
Damaging 3: +45% Damage, +4 Accuracy:

How Obtained:
  • The Halls of Presence - Found in locked chest in the Vault of Forgotten Thoughts

A strictly devoted follower of Woedica, Wygelt was haunted by dreams of criminals committing horrific acts of violence, only to escape punishment or receive one that was unduly light. She came to believe Woedica was speaking to her through these dreams, demanding these people receive justice.

Wygelt found these criminals in hideouts and homes, and very often in jail, serving inadequate sentences. She would steal into these places, which were frequently under heavy guard, find her way to the criminal, and pronounce the judgment of Woedica. (Her incredible knack for reaching these places were in some instances later declared as miracles when she was canonized.) If the criminal was lucky, it would only mean disfigurement, but most were executed on the spot with Wygelt's cudgel.

Eventually Wygelt's reputation spread too far, and many criminals that feared her began to set traps and issue bounties. When she was finally caught, she was clubbed to death with her own weapon. It is said that with her final words, she declared that she was a murderer, and that she deserved this fate.

St. Wygelt's cudgel is a simple spiked club with a leather-wrapped handle. The wood itself is irreversibly stained reddish brown with the blood of criminals.