Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
The Wind's Arm Source: WM2
Category: Weapon (Pollaxe) Value: 1610

Two-Handed Weapon
Speed: Slow
Interrupt: 0.75s
Damage: 18-26 Slash/Crush vs. Deflection
Exceptional: +8 Accuracy, +30% Damage
Zephyr: Grants Zephyr (Passive)
Major Spellbind: Grants Cleansing Wind (2 per rest)

How Obtained:
  • Dyrford Crossing - Dropped by Brynlod during the task Bounty: Brynlod

A dozen unique pollaxes were created at the request of Escimo IV, Duc of lfl Ancenze, to equip his royal bodyguards. Each was meant to pay tribute to one of the governing factors of maritime fortune. Additional pollaxes were made to honor the rain, the stars, the sun, the waves, and other symbols.

The Wind's Arm was the personal favorite of Escimo IV, who had earned his nickname "Casita mel Alisias"-- the Captain of the Wind- - in his years serving the Ancenzan navy. It was said of Escimo that whichever way he needed to go, the winds would already be blowing that way. He gave the Wind's Arm to his most skilled guard, who called upon it more than once to keep overexcited Vailians from getting too close to the throne.

The pollaxe is made in the image of the wind itself. A face is engraved on the axe head, blowing wind outward along the curves of the blade. The grain of the wood itself is not vertical, but rather sweeps around the ash-gray pole.