Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Ryona's Breastplate Source: WM2
Category: Soulbound Medium Armor (Chest)

Intellect: +3
Litany Against Minor Afflictions: Grants Litany Against Minor Afflictions (1 per rest)
Exceptional: +4 Damage Reduction

Binds With:
  • Chanter, Monk, Paladin

Gains the Following Bonuses:
Defeat the Bleak Walkers at Woodend Plains  • Spelldefense: 15% chance to cast Vigorous Defense when Hit or Critically Hit
Take 300 damage from enemies  • [Chanter] Spellstamina: Grants Dire Blessing when Endurance drops below 50% (1 per encounter)
  • [Monk] Spelldefense: 10% chance to cast Disciplined Barrage when Hit or Critically Hit
  • [Paladin] Spellstamina: Grants Triumph of the Crusaders when Endurance drops below 50% (1 per encounter)
Rest in the Alpine Dragon's lair (in Longwatch Falls) after it has been slain  • Superb: +6 Damage Reduction (replaces Exceptional)
  • Bravado: Grants Triggered Immunity (1 per encounter)

How Obtained:
  • Whitestone Hollow - Found on corpse

This dark green enameled steel breastplate was the property of Ryona, an adventurer who hailed from the Vailian Republics and found her calling running with expedition companies in the Dyrwood. A small amount of copper chain extends under the breastplate for additional protection.

Ryona ended her career early after giving up her expedition group to a dragon in the White March in exchange for her own life.

After escaping the alpine dragon, Ryona was overwhelmed with guilt. She resolved that she would not rest until she'd made amends for each of the lives she had traded away, and she began to travel the Eastern Reach in search of ways to help the surviving relations of her lost adventuring company.

In Defiance Bay she found the widower of one of the lost expeditioners. His wife had been part of the expedition in hopes of finding treasure within Durgan's Battery that might pay off a debt that he owed to House Doemenel. By the time Ryona arrived, House Doemenel had already put out a contract on his life. She acted as his personal bodyguard and helped him to survive a series of attacks by putting herself in the line of fire. Improbably, Ryona and the widower both lived through the ordeal.

In Midwood she came to the aid of the family of an aristocratic expeditioner who had failed to satisfy the house of his daughter's husband-to-be with the dowry he'd provided. The angry in-laws swore to destroy the family for the insult, and enlisted a band of Bleak Walkers to perform the deed.

Ryona rallied together an army of the expeditioner's vassals, exhorting them with a powerful speech about the kind of man he'd been, and together they slew the Bleak Walkers to the last man.

Always, though, the form of the dragon loomed large in Ryona's mind and haunted her dreams. She succeeded in every effort to help those who were close to the expeditioners she'd sacrificed, and yet peace eluded her. Only then did she come to understand that she would have to face the dragon and see it dead, or die in the attempt.

She gathered her belongings and embarked on one final journey to the White March, and was never seen again.