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Gyrd Haewanes Stenes
Category: Soulbound Weapon (Scepter)

Raw Lash: +15% Raw Damage
Accurate 4: +15 Accuracy, +15% Damage

Binds With:
  • Druid, Priest, Wizard

Gains the Following Bonuses:
Deal 200 Raw damage to enemies with Gyrd Haewanes Stenes  • Spellchance: 10% chance to cast Dominate on Hit or Critical Hit
Deal 300 damage to dazed enemies or 1500 damage to other enemies with Gyrd Haewanes Stenes  • [Druid] Restore Spiritshift: 20% chance to cast Restore Spiritshift on Hit or Critical Hit (1 per encounter)
  • [Priest] Spell Holding: Grants Llengrath's Displaced Image when hit by a Critical Hit (2 per encounter)
  • [Wizard] Gref's Authority: Grants Gref's Authority (1 per encounter)
Cause the Dominated affliction 15 times with Gyrd Haewanes Stenes  • Resolve: +3
  • Accurate 6: +21 Accuracy, +30% Damage (replaces Accurate 4)

How Obtained:
  • First Fires (Ducal Palace) - Given by Chancellor Warrin during the quest A Call to Court

Gyrd Haewanes Stenes, the "blue stone scepter," is remarkable in that it has been shaped from a single sapphire -- its only other component is its grip, made of silver bands.

Ine Gyrd, the most famous scepter in Aedyr and perhaps all of Eora, is held jointly by the mecwyn and ferconyng as a symbol of royal authority, and is said to carry the souls of early chieftains in its adra head. Though traditionally thought of as symbolic, there have been a few notable times in history when it was put to practical use.

In one such instance, Mecwyn Eleya I had her claim to the throne challenged by an older half-sister claiming to be a legitimate heir. Eleya invited her to court so that people might hear her words with their own ears and judge for themselves. The woman spoke at length and showed a number of sworn documents to those present at court. Eleya summoned her to the throne, and told her that if the chieftains of Ine Gyrd judged her worthy, the mecwyn would abdicate.

The woman approached Eleya was told to bow her head to receive the kiss of Ine Gyrd. She did so, and was quickly felled by a barrage of savage blows from the mecwyn. It was the last time her authority was challenged during her reign.

In attendance in court that night was Tiryc III, a gref palatine. So impressed was Tiryc at the many uses of Ine Gyrd that he had an artisan craft him a scepter of his own. He was careful to request that it differ completely in appearance from Ine Gyrd, lest he draw the attention and ire of the mecwyn.

Though Gyrd Haewanes Stenes does not contain the souls of the gref's bloodline, it does tend to project the authority of the wielder, as the original owner intended.