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Sanguine Plate
Category: Heavy Armor (Chest) Value: 700

DR: 12 (Slash 15, Pierce 15, Shock 6)
Recovery Speed: -50%
Survival: +2
Spell Holding: Grants Frenzy

How Obtained:
  • Aedelwan Bridge - Looted from Orimanth Hassan during the task The Forgotten

Despite popular assumption, the Sanguine Plate was not named for its blood-spattered appearance. It was originally owned by a barbarian from Rauatai, and while his combat style did frequently leave the Sanguine Plate in need of a good polishing, it was actually named in reference to the owner's jolly nature.

He was popular around town and in the taverns of the nearby port, where he was quick to buy friends and visitors a drink and glad to hear the news from abroad. However, his seemingly inexhaustible good humor was counterweighted by a hair-trigger temper, and it was said that none who actually saw him in a bad mood lived to tell the tale.