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Elardh Dwr
Category: Medium Armor (Chest) Value: 740

DR: 12 (Crush 15, Pierce 16, Burn 10, Freeze 10)
Recovery Speed: -40%
Exceptional: +4 Damage Reduction
Sturdy: +30 Defense against Prone attacks, +15 Defense against Push attacks
Fortitude: +5
Crush-Proofed: +3 Damage Reduction (Crush)

How Obtained:
  • Cilant Lis (Outside) - Dropped by Naroc the Prophet during the task Bounty: Naroc the Prophet

An order of Glanfathan fighters earned the name Elardh Dwr -- or Steel Swan -- because of their prowess and theatrics in battle. Beautiful and resilient, they came to be known as an elite group of warriors that could not be stopped on the battlefield. The strongest of blows could not topple them. Each wore one of these breastplates, inscribed with a swan, announcing to all who fought them that they were not to be trifled with.