Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Gwisk Glas
Category: Light Armor (Chest) Value: 1140

DR: 9
Recovery Speed: -15%
Superb: +6 Damage Reduction
Second Chance: Grants Second Chance
Might: +2

How Obtained:
  • Pearlwood Bluff - Dropped by Lord Exarch Sserkal during the task Bounty: Sserkal

Created by a Glanfathan monk, Gwisk Glas (Green Garb) was her way of honoring the forest that was her home. Clad in clothing designed to disguise her against the leaves and branches, she could sneak upon her quarry and attack while they were still unaware of her presence. Her strikes were powerful and sure, dealing devastating blows to those unfortunate enough to have angered her. She in turn proved as tenacious as a vine, for whenever she was struck down she would only rise again, ready to continue the fight.