Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Pliambo per Casitas
Category: Weapon (Arquebus) Value: 1800

Two-Handed Weapon
Speed: Extremely Slow
Range: 10m
Interrupt: 0.35s
Damage: 31-47 Pierce vs. Deflection
Accuracy: -5
Marking: +10 Accuracy granted to allies attacking the same target
Disorienting: Inflicts -5 All Defenses for 5s on hit
Exceptional: +8 Accuracy, +30% Damage
DR Reduction: 6 DR bypass, -0.3 to Crit Damage multiplier

How Obtained:
  • Anslog's Compass (Sea Cave) - Dropped by Captain Muarumi during the task Bounty: Captain Muarumi

A charismatic yet nefarious Vailian thief grew tired of stealing and decided to find a new way to entertain himself. He would get himself hired onto a ship and integrate himself with the crew. After a few voyages, he'd convince the crew to mutiny, making sure to execute the captain with his own arquebus. Once the deed was done, he would abandon the crew to their fate at the next port and slip away, traveling to a new city to start the game again.