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Blood-Blessed Skaen Cultist Robes
Category: Light Armor (Chest) Value: 440

DR: 7
Recovery Speed: -15%
Exceptional: +4 Damage Reduction

How Obtained:
  • Dyrford Ruins - Worn by Wymund

Those who plot the destruction of their superiors while keeping an impassive face will whisper a prayer to Skaen. Political rebels also call upon him for justice, in the hope that he will intercede on their behalf with Woedica, with whom he is associated. However, Skaen is an unforgiving deity. If a supplicant tips his hand or acts too rashly, the god will abandon them. The same goes for those who actually achieve their ambitions and rise to a higher station -- they can no longer count on Skaen for aid.

These robes are comprised of little more than a simple, undyed piece of cloth, tied at the waist by thick cord. They have been used during the grim rituals of the Skaenite faithful, it seems, for they are spattered with patches of blood, both recent and long-dried.