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Duc's Own Beefloaf
Category: Consumable (Food) Value: 1

Speed: Instant
Effect: +10 max Endurance, +2 Might for 300s

Beefloaf is a standard dish all across the Dyrwood and hundreds of families have been using the same recipe for generations. No one is quite sure how it came to be known as the 'duc's own,' but two legends are widespread. The first involves Admeth Hadret, the Dyrwood's first duc, personally making beefloaf for his captive prisoner, the Glanfathan Galven Regd. The orlan was supposedly so fond of the meal that he asked for the recipe and passed it on to his kin after his release. The second, more likely, tale features an unscrupulous cook who worked for the venerable Black Hound Inn of Gilded Vale. She confided in myriad travelers that she had a recipe for the 'duc's own' beefloaf -- simply her own delicious recipe -- and sold it to dozens of people for outrageous prices. Each victim of the ruse went on to make their beefloaf with the 'duc's own' recipe, giving rise to the popular name.