Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Bleak Fang
Category: Weapon (Stiletto) Value: 905

One-Handed Weapon
Speed: Fast
Interrupt: 0.35s
Damage: 12-17 Pierce vs. Deflection
DR Bypass: 3
Exceptional: +8 Accuracy, +30% Damage
Spell Striking: Grants Touch of Rot on Critical Hit (1 per encounter)
Rending: 3 DR bypass

How Obtained:
  • Oldsong (Galawain's Maw) - Sold by Larha

A Naasitaqi huntress was tracking game with the other wives of her tribe when a terrible blizzard separated her from the rest of the party. Starving and nearly snowblind, she ate the leather of her gloves to fill her belly while she searched for food. As her strength was fading, she came upon the corpse of a caribou, frozen and half-gnawed by arctic foxes. She ate her fill and, exhausted, fell into a deep sleep.

When she awoke, she saw the fingers of her left hand stricken with a numbing corruption. As she journeyed back in the direction of her village, she watched the corruption spread along her knuckles and across her hand. Unwilling to succumb to it, she took her stiletto and cut off her hand at the wrist.