Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Jena's Lance
Category: Weapon (Pike) Value: 810

Two-Handed Weapon
Speed: Slow
Range: 1.75m
Interrupt: 0.75s
Damage: 14-20 Pierce vs. Deflection
Weapon Reach: +1.8
Constitution: +1
Convert Grazes to Hits: +20%

How Obtained:
  • Gilded Vale (Black Hammer Smithery) - Sold by Tuatanu

Not actually a proper lance but rather a pike, the weapon was gifted to an orlan maid along with a goat by her wizard master Kabrindo, who was forced to show her the door after a number of episodes of remarkable clumsiness and brash carelessness that had left his grimoire waterlogged and his laboratory in ashes. The gifts were all the soft-hearted wizard could do to stanch his guilt..

Wandering from place to place with only her goat, her pike, and a reputation for negligence that preceded her, her fortunes changed one day when she encountered a pair of soldiers trapped by a group of bandits. Too short to wield the pike properly, she instead climbed atop her goat and spurred it into the fray, leveling the pike like a lance and running one of the bandits through. Frightened and confused by the display and intimidated by Jena's coarse language, the remaining bandits fled, and the soldiers' lives were spared.

Her actions earned her a commission with a local fort, and she served with distinction in the cavalry. The original experience had given her such pleasure that she always found a place at the front of any charge. Eventually, this took its toll, and she went missing after her unit was commanded to charge a group of trolls.