Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Cgadob's Hazel
Category: Weapon (Wand) Value: 1805

Two-Handed Weapon
Speed: Fast
Range: 10m
Interrupt: 0.5s
Damage: 12-18 Pierce/Crush vs. Deflection
Marking: +10 Accuracy granted to an ally attacking the same target
Spell Striking: Grants Jolting Touch on Critical Hit (1 per encounter)
Exceptional: +8 Accuracy, +30% Damage

How Obtained:
  • Endless Paths of Od Nua (Level 11) - Dropped by Swamp Spore

Cgadob was a wizard and wand-maker. Though brilliant, he had trouble selling his work due to a number of eccentricities, not the least of which was a vow that he would never make two wands of the same color. The hazel wand was one of his most powerful creations. Unfortunately, like everything he made, it was the only one of its kind.