Pillars of Eternity Equipment Database: Search Results
Category: Heavy Armor (Chest) Value: 340

DR: 10 (Crush 13, Corrode 8)
Recovery Speed: -50%
Move Speed: +1
Ranged Deflection Bonus: +10

How Obtained:
  • Ondra's Gift (Abandoned House) - Found on Dodwyna's corpse during the quest Built to Last

This robust brigandine has been repeatedly reinforced by the Aedyran adventurer who once owned it.. Thickly padded, the armor was dubbed Aru-Brekr (Arrow Breaker). It served the adventurer well, until her fame and fortune made her grow complacent, and she allowed an opponent to get too close. While Arrow Breaker protected her from projectiles, it didn't provide the same protection against a mace to the side of the head.