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Fulvano's Boots
Category: Armor (Feet) Value: 210

Constitution: +1

How Obtained:
  • Black Meadow - Found on corpse

Though never as famed as he would claim, the Vailian explorer Fulvano was known as an eccentric who wished to see the world. Where possible, he traveled by foot, wishing to gain a local's appreciation for the sights, sounds and smells of the lands he passed through. In practice, however, Fulvano often claimed that his explorations proved only that the world outside of the Vailian Republics was a foul, smelly place that paled in comparison to his homeland.

This pair of boots is said to have belonged to Fulvano, and the initials burned into the leather would seem to bear that out. Fulvano was very particular about his boots, for they had to endure a great deal of use, and they were constructed to be as hardy as their wearer.