Neverwinter Nights 2 Equipment Database: Item Details
Scattertrail Hide
Base Armor Class: 3
Maximum Dexterity Bonus: 4
Armor Check Penalty: -3
Arcane Spell Failure: 20%
Feats Required: Medium Armor
Base Item: Armor
Weight: 25 pound(s)
Resource Name: n2_itset_drd2
Installation: NWN2: Special Edition
Special Properties
AC Bonus [+ 2]
Skill Bonus: Hide [+ 2]
Immunity: Miscellaneous: Poison
Use Limitation: Class: Druid
Never satisfied with the life of an itinerant tinker, Darya Scattertrail took to wandering in the High Forest whenever her family's wagons made camp. At first, she only strayed into the eaves of the forest, but gradually the young gnome's explorations grew bolder. Unfortunately, her curiosity did not come with an equal measure of common sense, and when she wandered too far into the forest, Darya was attacked and badly wounded by a monstrous spider.

Before she succumbed to the spider's venom, Darya was found by members of a druid circle that operated in the vicinity. They took her back to their camp and nursed her back to health over several days, and when she had fully recovered, Darya surprised the druids by asking to be inducted into their order and taught the ways of their faith. The girl's natural enthusiasm and sheer earnestness won over the circle's leader, and Darya was initiated into the ways of the wood.