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The Political Structure of Westgate
Base Item: Book
Weight: 1 pound(s)
Resource Name: i_book_westgatepolitics
Installation: Mysteries of Westgate
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Historically, Westgate was ruled by a king, though this was ended by a succession of troubled, but profligate, monarchs, the last of which was Verovan who died in 1248 DR. Later that year, at the so-called "Council of the Cockatrice," the nobility abolished the monarchy, establishing in place of the king an elected lord called the Croamarkh, who was to serve as the city's public face and nominal leader in four year terms. Wary of the ruin brought to the city by the sputtering monarchy, the nobility was careful not to vest the position with any real power however, and the Croamarkh's sole political function remains its veto power over decisions made by the council.

The Croamarkh notwithstanding, it is the Lords of Westgate, a council comprised of the heads of the richest merchant families, who now wield true power in the city. At present, the following houses are granted seats on the council: Athagdal, Bleth, Cormaeril, Guldar, Malavhan, Ssemm, Thalavar, Thorsar, Urdo, and Vhammos. The exact identities of the participants in the council have only recently stabilized following the massacre at the Regatta Masquerade in 1368 DR and the resulting chaos and in-fighting within each of the houses.

Traditionally, the Croamarkh is elected by the merchants and traders of the city. However, following the murder of Croamarkh Luer Dhostar and the subsequent death of his son, interim Croamarkh Victor Dhostar in 1368 DR, the council has agreed that all future Croamarkhs will be nominated by a majority vote of the council and confirmed by popular vote of the city. This method has not yet been put to the test as Luer Dhostar's fourth term is still ongoing under interim Croamarkh Durgar the Just. The first vote is scheduled for 1372 DR.

This book was obviously published before the year 1372 DR, as it fails to give the results of the election of that year.