Neverwinter Nights 2 Equipment Database: Item Details
Danger Beyond the Docks: The Perils of Sea Travel on the Dragon Coast
Base Item: Book
Weight: 1 pound(s)
Resource Name: i_book_sea
Installation: Mysteries of Westgate
Special Properties
No Other Properties
From pirates to sea monsters to vicious ocean storms, nowhere is it more dangerous to travel by sea than it is along the Dragon Coast. The thinnest stretch of the Dragonmere, also known as the Lake of Dragons, which passes between Westgate and the Sembian city of Urmlaspyr, is particularly perilous to travel through.

Probably the factor that contributes the most to the dangerous waters is the presence of the Pirate Isles some 100 miles off the coast of Sembia. At any given time, anywhere between 20 and 60 pirate vessels are docked here, and while this does not represent enough of a threat to challenge any of the major cities of the Dragon Coast, it certainly means that the seas are about as far from a safe place as can be. Chances of a pirate raid are more likely to take place here than anywhere else in the world.

Pirates are not the only ones that make it dangerous to sail the seas. Various monsters, ranging from sea dragons to sahuagin to other strange and exotic creatures, lair beneath the deceptively calm waves. Add to this the very real possibility of Umberlee deciding to throw a tantrum and cause a terrible storm along the coast, and sea travel becomes risky business indeed.

Perhaps the best-known sea monster in the Dragon Coast region is the quelzarn, a colossal eel-like nightmare of a creature which lairs in and around the harbor of Westgate. This quelzarn, which was first sighted in the year 383 DR, the Year of the Quelzarn, was known at first as nothing more than a legend. People whispered of a mighty sea serpent that haunted the harbor and sewers of the great coastal city. Eventually, however, after several very real and tangible incidents involving attacks on vulnerable sailors and ships, the giant sea snake gained great notoriety, and its current nickname, "Westgate's Sea-Food Sampler."