Neverwinter Nights 2 Feats Database: Feat Details
Craft Wand
Feat ID: 946
Type of Feat: Item Creation
Use: Selected
Minimum Caster Level: 5
Installation: Neverwinter Nights (Base)

You can create a wand of any spell of 4th level or less that you know. To create a wand, cast an appropriate spell on a bone wand in your inventory. Creating a wand costs gold pieces based on the relative power of the spell. Wands containing first level spells can cost a few thousand gold pieces while those made with higher level spells can cost tens of thousands. Warlock invocations cannot be used in the creation of wands. Newly crafted wands have 50 charges.

Note: Cast a spell on a bone wand in your inventory.

Special: The character must have access to 5th level spells in any spellcasting class to gain access to this feat.