Neverwinter Nights 2 Feats Database: Feat Details
Craft Wondrous Items
Feat ID: 1093
Type of Feat: Item Creation
Use: Selected
Minimum Caster Level: 3
Installation: Neverwinter Nights (Base)

This feat grants the ability to craft a wide variety of magical items, such as amulets and rings.

Crafting magic items through the use of this feat requires a magical workbench. The character places the appropriate Essences and gems, along with any base materials (such as iron ingots, wooden planks, or leather hides) into the magical workbench's inventory, then activates the enchantment by casting the correct spell on the workbench. Provided the character is of at least the minimum required caster level, the item is created.

Recipe books, containing the required caster level, gold piece cost, Essences, gems, spells, and materials to create various magic arms and armors can be found throughout the game. Further formulae may be discovered by the determined artificer.

Special: The character must have access to 3rd level spells in any spellcasting class to gain access to this feat.