Legend of Grimrock II Equipment Database: Search Results
Category: Light Weapon (One-Handed) Weight: 3.2 kg

Damage: (8 - 24) + Strength Bonus
Cooldown: 3.7 s
Requires: Light Weapons 1

Thrust (special attack):
  • Costs 25 energy
  • Requires Light Weapons 3
  • A powerful lunge dealing double damage with high accuracy.

A mighty weapon, the longsword is the weapon of choice for Theareonan Knights. It is renowned for its ability to impale even well-armored foes.

How Obtained:
  • Forgotten River - Found in southwestern part of map behind underbrush
  • Lexiconary - Found under bridge near Crystal of Life
  • Wormbound Catacombs - Dropped by Xarant Wormbound (x2)
  • Orul's Crypt - Dropped by Orul Wormbound (x2)
  • Castle Nex (Roof) - Dropped by a Wormblood in Stage 9 (x2)