Legend of Grimrock II Equipment Database: Search Results
Crystal Shard of Healing
Category: Consumable (Crystal) Weight: 0.3 kg

Effect: Heals all wounds and raises dead companions back to life

How Obtained:
  • Herder's Den - Found in sack in northern part of map
  • Archives - Found to the north of the Meditation Spire
  • Lexiconary - Found in ratling nest beneath "I Dare You" shelf
  • Wormbound Catacombs - Found in Xarant's chamber
  • Tomb Underground - Found near secret chest
  • Crystal Mine Abyss - Found in secret cache under Spell Shooter puzzle in Crystal Mine Core
  • Crystal Mine Abyss - Found next to hidden stone head
  • Castle Nex (Roof) Dropped during battle with Lindworm