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Escape: The Hunter activates a cloaking device to elude enemies. The Hunter enters Escape mode, becoming invisible to enemies for a short amount of time. Escape provides 1 second of invulnerability when activated.

Activating this skill cancels the effects of Sprint and Adrenaline Pills. Attacking or using any skill or item deactivates Escape.

Class: Marksman Skill Group(s): Tactical
First Available: Level 5 Skill Prerequisite: None
Duration: Varies Skill Type: Active
Range: Self Radius: N/A
Rate of Use: 30.0 seconds Requires: N/A
Power Cost (at 1st Level): Varies Power Cost (at 50th Level): Varies

Skill Advancement (By Rank)
  1. Lasts for 3 seconds. Power Cost: 35.0.
  2. Lasts for 4 seconds. Power Cost: 31.0.
  3. Lasts for 5 seconds. Power Cost: 27.0.
  4. Lasts for 6 seconds. Power Cost: 23.0.
  5. Lasts for 7 seconds. Power Cost: 19.0.
  6. Lasts for 8 seconds. Power Cost: 15.0.
  7. Lasts for 9 seconds. Power Cost: 11.0.