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Existential Core
Unique Focus Item
Focus items determine the damage of Cabalist spells. A Core provides increased cast rates, a Locus provides the most base damage, a Radiant provides higher elemental attack strength, and a Mutentacle provides high damage and elemental attack strength at the expense of increased power drain.

Power: 42

Critical Chance: 0%
Rate of Fire: 80 shots/min
Interrupt Strength: 0
Range: 15m
All Elemental Strength: 31

Equip Cost: 3 Str, 3 Stam, 16 Will
Item Level 18 (Clvl 9 Required)
Increases use rate of Evocation skills by 10%

Total Armor Value Increased: 9%
Hit Points: +58
Power Points: +15
All Attributes: +20

Note: Due to item "jitter", the above statistics may vary to some degree. Additionally, weapons are shown with the maximum number of mod slots possible and may drop with fewer slots on occasion.


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