Deus Ex: Human Revolution Equipment Database: Item Details
Rate-Of-Fire Upgrade
Standard Rate Increment Upgrade Package for Weapons
Category: Weapon Upgrade
Use: Increases the number of bullets fired per second.
Manufacturer: Kaiga Ltd.
Installation: Base Installation
The Rate Increment Upgrade optimizes the trigger and firing mechanisms of most handguns, rifles, and combat firearms, thereby increasing their cyclic rate of fire.
• Detroit (Police Station) - Found on shelf in secure storage room
• Lower Hengsha (The Hive) - Found on cart in south room in basement
• Lower Hengsha (Alice Garden Pods) - Found on box behind punched-through wall on third floor
• Lower Hengsha (Alice Garden Pods) - Purchased from Peng Xin Hao
• Montreal (Online News Division) - Found on floor in men's bathroom
• Detroit (Downtown Apartments) - Purchased from Seurat on your second visit to Detroit