Deus Ex: Human Revolution Equipment Database: Item Details
Laser Targeting System
Spectra-Point Laser Targeting Attachment
Category: Weapon Upgrade
Use: Dramatically boosts the weapon's accuracy. Movement modifiers no longer apply: Bullets wil hit where the laser dot is pointing.
Manufacturer: Kaiga Ltd.
Installation: Base Installation
The Spectra-Point Laser Targeting Attachment allows for precision weapon aiming by projecting a laser dot on a sighted target when the weapon is brought to bear. No dot will appear on out-of-range targets, reducing ammunition loss through test or speculation. The attachment is compatible with most projectile and laser weapons on the market.
• Detroit (City Streets) - Given to you by Carella at the completion of the Lesser Evils quest
• Detroit (Abandoned Factory) - Found on bookshelf
• Lower Hengsha (Hung Hua Hotel) - Found at base of bed on level 4
• Detroit (City Streets) - Purchased from Grayson on your second visit to Detroit